Tactical Webinars: Training From My Couch


InSights Training Center has taken some of their tactics training online and is offering a substantial discount for Guns & Tactics subscribers! This new approach opens the possibility of spending 2-3 hours learning tactics for personal safety and security, on a weeknight, from the comfort of your home.

I’ve spent many a Friday, Saturday, and Sunday improving my shooting, fighting, and tactics and I wouldn’t trade one minute of this training for the world. Even a single day of training, though, is a substantial investment of time for both me and my family. But, what can you do with a couple hours on a weeknight? You could spend that time in the gym, or check out a new training option I’ve really started to enjoy, or perhaps both at the same time?

Welcome to the new world of online training

There are plenty of videos online for the urban amateur to waste time with… but I’ve found a much more worthwhile training opinion I can participate in from my couch on a weeknight. InSights Training Center’s John Holschen, whom you may also recognize from Guns & Tactics’ Tactical Moment series, has started offering a series of weeknight webinars on a variety of topics. Thus far, I’ve attended the Priorities of Survival, Active Shooter Response, and Personal Security While Traveling webinars. These sessions have provided an enormous amount of information and I’ve found them to be both valuable and an enjoyable way to spend a weekday evening.

There is a component of advanced training which involves visualization of scenarios and of how you would respond in that scenario. Visualization is something you should be doing throughout your day – whether you’re in your car at a stoplight, sitting in your office, or picking up items for dinner at the grocery store, you can visualize potential threats and how you would respond to them. The information presented in these sessions has given me tactics and perspectives I didn’t have before participating in the session and I have incorporated much of this learning into my daily visualization exercises.

50% off for Guns & Tactics Subscribers!

For the remainder of 2013, InSights is offering 50% off these webinars for Guns & Tactics subscribers – just use the coupon code GUNSANDTACTICS when you register! So check out the InSights Training Center calendar and register for one of their upcoming webinars.

If you’ve enjoyed the Tactical Moment videos you’ll enjoy John Holschen’s webinars. I’ve thoroughly enjoyed all the sessions I have participated in and am confident you will find them equally as enjoyable and valuable.


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