Briefing Room

In the Briefing Room we bring it all to you. Every two weeks we cover it, from quick tips, how to's and so much more. All you have to do is hit play.

Hard Head Veteran Helmet & OTTO Ear Pro

Dave picked up a new Hard Head Veteran ATE helmet and wanted to add his favorite ear pro, the OTTO Range SA. See how it's done.

State of Red Dot Handgun 2021

In this video Dave goes over where we are at currently with Red Dot Handguns. We talk how we got here, what held us back and more.

Hunter Safety Tips and Survival Pack

In this video, Dave and a special guest, talk about some hunter safety tips as well as some items to consider bringing with you in the woods.

How To Winterize Your AR15

We go over preparing your rifle for cold or winter use, some tips learned from experience, and what you'll need for the best results.

The Best Rifle Setup 2020 Edition

Dave goes over how he sets up his go to rifles. Setting up your rifle and using quality gear makes your training or use more efficient.

Precision Rifle Data Card Tips

Precision rifle data cards, We go over some options for mounting a data card, a slick easy card holder, and ways to write on the card.

NRL22X North Central Regional Match

Here is my experience at the first NRL22X Central Regional Match I attended in June at the Rush Lake Rifle Range in Minnesota.

Best way to label your stuff!

In this video I show you a trick to label and organize all sorts of stuff. The best part is it is easy to read, durable, easy to clean up and re-label.

Spare Parts for your AR15

Dave talks about what spare parts you should consider having around for your AR15. Ranging from small parts to complete assemblies.

How to Choose the best AR15 Buffer Weight

We get this question a lot, which weight buffer should I run? In this video we give you more information so you can pick the best weight buffer for your AR.

MN Long Range 22 Rimfire Match – The King of point 28 miles challenge

Dave shot at the first MN Long Range 22 Rimfire Match this year held at the Rush Lake Range in Minnesota. Check out some of the stages and Dave's thoughts.

Slide release or racking the slide – we go over it

In our last range video we talked about using the front slide serrations, now we check out racking versus using the slide release.

Zero Stop Cheek Piece – Yes you can!

If you have a rifle with an adjustable cheek rest or cheek piece and want that rest to return to the same spot every time, well this video is for you.

Front Slide Serrations – The Evil Explained

In this episode Dave heads to the range to talk about something internet handgun experts often debate about - front slide serrations.

Dave’s First Precision Rifle Match

Dave goes over what he learned shooting his first precision rifle match! Check out some of the gear he used, lessons learned and prep for the match.

Basic Gun Belt Set Up

Gun Belt Set Up
In this video Dave goes over a couple of his gun belts, what they are, how they are worn, what is carried and some other thoughts on the topic.

How to Clean Your AR-15

How to Clean Your AR
How to Clean Your AR is the topic for todays Briefing Room. While this is a basic topic it is something we get asked about often and are happy to address.

Should You Modify a Carry Gun?

Modify Carry Gun
Dave goes over some pro's and con's as well as some things to consider about altering a gun that will be carried for protection or work.

Thread locker 101