The EDC-2 Multi-Tool


Since 1996, Emerson Knives (EKI) has been making some knives for our military elite and law enforcement personnel. Recently, Emerson partnered with multi-tool manufacturer Multitasker to bring to market the next generation of EDC multi-tools.

Introducing the EDC-2, designed manufactured Multitasker for Emerson. The EDC-2 multi-tool features a 440C steel 2.7-inch blade with a black oxide finish, a heavy duty Phillips #1 screwdriver with enough meat to work well in a #2 Phillips head as well, a slim flat-head screwdriver and an AWL punch and scraper.

The EDC-2 is available with a plain edge or partially serrated blade and is made with G10 composite scale handles available in Tan or Olive Drab (Green).

Included with the multi-tool is a pocket-clip, instruction manual and a presentation box.

First Impressions

As with any Multitasker product I have owned, I am always very impressed with the presentation style packaging, which makes it a great gift. Once you have the EDC-2 in your hand, you instantly notice the high-quality craftsmanship Multitasker Tools is known for. From the CNC machined steel to the high quality parts used, this thing is very high quality.

The EDC-2 is slimmer and trimmer than its predecessor the EDC-1 and considerably less expensive coming in at $134.95. The screwdriver(s) lock at 90 and 180 degrees via small cutouts on the backside of the pivot and thus create a very positive solid lock. The blade and AWL use a liner-lock and are very solid.

Generally I do not like to carry around heavy tools, but at 5.3 ounces, this multi-tool is light enough and small enough to put just about anywhere and has the tools needed for most small emergencies or at the range.

The only criticism I can imagine some may have with the EDC-2 is the lack of a wrench. The reality for me is that I rarely use a wrench or I find the size is never right and I would rather have the weight savings or the ability to throw it in my pocket and not feel like it takes up a ton of space than have every bell and whistle possible.

If you are looking for a lightweight, high quality, easy to conceal multi-tool, then look no further. The EDC-2 delivers.

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