The HK P30 – Refining an Almost Perfect Combat Firearm


The Hk is arguably one of the best combat firearms manufacturers out there, the P30 is no exception, except for the Trigger… see what happens when we send it to CAR firearms.

I recently got my hands on TracerX’s Heckler & Koch P30s V3 and was very impressed with its ergonomics even though, due to my job, I’m on a Glock platform in my personal and professional life. I’m a lefty shooter, and the Hk is a pretty ambi-friendly gun. I’ve always believed Hk pistols to be well-respected combat firearms, until I felt the P30 trigger… it is abysmal. Heavy, gritty, ridiculously long take-up and reset, this is where the P30 series with the DA/SA trigger is seriously lacking. Due to the poor out-of-the-box trigger, I would not ever consider this pistol for daily carry, despite all of the other positive features of the pistol.

We contacted Fred Hastings of C.A.R. Firearms in Tukwila, Washington to see if he could do something, anything, to improve the trigger. Even though it’s a relatively newer and exceedingly over-engineered trigger system and aftermarket parts are pretty much non-existent – he accepted the challenge.

A couple weeks later after many late nights of welding, polishing, and testing, he accomplished the task. Let’s just say this – I was impressed with the results. Check out the video and see for yourself.

Check out C.A.R. Firearms online at or give them a call at (253) 642-7461.