The HSP Thorntail and Inforce WML


Exploit your KeyMod handguard with the HSP Thorntail and Inforce WML light and mount combo.

It is a pretty well-known fact that every defensive rifle needs three things: A sling, a good set of sights and a light. Other accessories are nice, but these three things are considered by most the bare minimum. You can’t aim without sights, you can’t stow your rifle on your body without a sling and you darn sure can’t see at night without a light. I’ve used several light combinations over the last few years and after trying many options I ended up with a Thorntail and a 6PX Tactical from Surefire, this setup has done me well for a long time. Like most though I have decided to start trying out some of the new KeyMod Handguards that are on the market and instead of adding a rail I preferred to use the system as it was intended.

The Thorntail is a collaboration between the folks at Impact Weapon Components (IWC) and Haley Strategic Products (HSP), and they make versions that fit many different styles of weapon lights. The one that I was most interested in was the one that worked with the Inforce WML, called the Thorntail KeyMod Adaptive Light Mount. I’ve seen this combination on several different firearms and several different configurations, so to me it seemed like a very good and versatile setup.

The Thorntail/WML combo is extremely lightweight and since that was the idea around the build it is going on it was the perfect fit weight in at just 4.32 ounces with the required single CR123 battery. So far it has been good and tough as well. In addition to being great for saving weight it is a very compact combo that really hugs in tight to the handguard, making it less of a snag issue and also much easier to activate the light.

Another thing that makes it easy to manipulate is the pressure switch on the WML being curved to the shape of the thumb instead of just simply being a round push button like most or a small paddle. No matter what position you prefer to run your light the ergonomics are great and provide a positive purchase. Even with gloves on and it being cold and wet I have not had the issue of my thumb slipping off the switch like I have experienced in the past with other weapon mounted lights.

The Inforce WML comes in several different models including IR versions and the Haley Strategic version that is momentary on/off. This was the version I was originally intending to pick up, but after speaking with Abner Miranda of Inforce I decided to go with the INF-WML-B-W, which is a positive click model that comes with a strobe feature you can disable (which I did) as well as a 200 lumen “high” setting and a 60 lumen “low” setting. To switch from 200 to 60 lumens takes two deliberate clicks, making hard to accidentally stumble into the low setting. The WML can also go from the high setting to off if there is a couple-second delay of the light being turned on. The feature I like best though is keeping the button pushed down in the on position will make the light work as a momentary light, perfect for sweeping a room. This allows you to activate, sweep, and then as soon as you let off the button your light shuts off.

Abner explained this version very well stating “The Standard WML, which is perfect for SWAT and Patrol use, allows you to press and hold the switch just like a momentary only version. You sweep your sector, let off the switch and the light goes out. However, this is where the light comes into its own, should you find yourself having to conduct a building search by yourself (did it many times when I was a cop) or responding to an active killer. The standard version WML allows you to tap the switch and the light stays on solid. An example of this use would be something as simple as needing to open a door as you search a structure. Or, the worst case scenario would be taking a shot in the support arm, and having to stay in the fight one-handed.”

After running The WML/ Thorntail combo for the last month and having some time behind it I can say I’m certainly impressed with the thought and expertise that went into the development of this product and as time goes on I will certainly own more.

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