The Making of Ink And Iron


A Guns & Tactics Q and A session with Ink And Iron Magazine… Just who the hell are these guys?

On May 1st the much anticipated Ink And Iron Magazine launched its first issue complete with dual covers, one featuring Zoltan Bathory of the band Five Finger Death Punch and one featuring Article 15 Clothing‘s Roxy Ranger. Best of all, it’s FREE to download and packed with amazing imagery and military-minded humor and editorial content. Trust us, this magazine is something special that you’ll not want to miss. Go here and download it now!

Of course, Guns & Tactics was standing by to talk with the brilliant minds behind Ink And Iron and to bring our readers the inside scoop. We sat down with Gary Stevens, the Editor in Chief of Ink And Iron and here’s what we learned…

  1. What is INK AND IRON Magazine?

    Ink and Iron is a 40 page digital magazine that is designed to allow veterans a voice; both visually and vocally. There is no set style to the magazine; nor set articles. We like the availability to change the tone and content per issue. We are however, looking to expand our content availability in the coming months to larger editions. With that being said we will always feel that information in this digital form should be free to readers, and it also gives us an opportunity to allow companies with smaller marketing budgets an affordable option to promote their business.

  2. Why did you decide to create INK AND IRON?

    The concept was developed well over 2 years ago during a rather passing conversation, but at that time there was not enough interest in moving forward. The idea sat dormant for a long period; until we decided to just go for it. We have had multiple opportunities to get our works produced, but with many publications there are guidelines. We love each and every chance to challenge ourselves with those magazines, but at the same time we wanted something we could call our own. Something by which allows those providing content a voice free of social constraint.

  3. Who are the personalities behind INK AND IRON?

    They are vast and varied beyond measure. CrossFit athletes, former snipers, former top tier professionals, former Rangers, TACP’s, and other face-Kevlar wearing types.

  4. Is everyone involved a Veteran?

    Yes. From many distinct operational, intelligence, support, and pipe hitting backgrounds. Each member brings a different view of military matters, and matters of interest to the general public. As a veteran based team is allows at many times a seamless work flow. This is not to say that being veteran based is a better way of running the operation, but merely that we can easily understand where the content and ideas are coming from when expressed amongst each other.

  5. Who are the hot chicks in this issue?

    Why wouldn’t there be? Each female is hand selected by the team by way that each female we will showcase has shown a strong support to military forces.

  6. Why did you make two covers?

    We feel there is the main story to each issue which will always be our main cover. However we just enjoy giving our models a chance to grace a cover as well. They give their time and efforts to supporting our armed forces, so why not showcase that in a direct manner.

  7. Will INK AND IRON remain free to readers?

    It will as long as it is a digital print edition. The funding from advertising goes directly to each of the members providing content.

  8. Will INK AND IRON be available on iTunes and Kindle, too?

    It is currently being approved by iTunes and will be available on Kindle with 24hrs. However due to Kindle’s policy we have to put a price on that content at 2.99 per download (which is the lowest they would allow). We don’t expect to see as much traffic via Kindle due to it being a free magazine they required us to charge for.

  9. When can we expect the next issue and how frequently will you publish INK AND IRON?

    Every two months with the next issue expected July 4th, 2014. As of right now we are testing the waters to see what the fans are interested in, and that will dictate the frequency and extent of the content in future issues. We are also looking to eventually have a hard copy edition, but at that point we would be on a pay readership model. For the time being we want to continue to offer everything for free.

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