The New KRISS USA Website Goes Live


VIRGINIA BEACH, VA ( – KRISS Arms, the Swiss global leader in firearms innovation, today launched a brand-new website for the North American market at

The highly anticipated new site will not disappoint KRISS fans.

Loaded with the world-renowned KRISS Vector products and the new KRISS SDP pistol information, specifications, pricing and a variety of product images, the new site offers KRISS customers a single-source site for everything KRISS. From the new site, customers can easily access the new KRISS online store and shop for a variety of KRISS branded weapons accessories and apparel. For KRISS owners the new website offers a convenient location to register weapons and receive instant warranty benefits.


Besides a new “Frequently Asked Questions” section, the site also provides KRISS owners with information on compatible ammunition, a downloadable/viewable Vector manual, warranty/return policy and shipping/return information. KRISS fans will want the downloadable wallpaper images for PC’s, iPhone and the iPad. Staying informed on the latest at KRISS-USA is easy by subscribing to the monthly KRISS USA email newsletter located at the bottom of the site.

For KRISS dealers and media personnel, the site offers a downloadable Vector product specification sheet, high resolution images and the KRISS logo. Customers can easily find a KRISS dealer near them by clicking on the Dealer Locator button on the top of the tab bar and join the KRISS community on Facebook, Twitter or YouTube.

The new KRISS USA website provides customers, fans, dealers and media personnel with a one-stop source for information, news, published articles, images, videos and shopping for their favorite KRISS products at

About KRISS Arms

KRISS Arms, an innovative Swiss-based group, delivers proprietary technologies to the firearms industry enabling more efficient solutions, corresponding to the 21st century requirements for the global law enforcement, military and civilian markets. KRISS is headquartered in Switzerland, with production and operations in Switzerland, as well as in Virginia Beach, Virginia, USA.

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