The Notch Hat


Notch sets out to make one of the most worn pieces of headwear on the planet, the baseball cap, even better than it already was.

Have you ever noticed some of the best ideas are the most simple? You know what I am talking about. You see a great product and say to yourself, “Why didn’t I think of that?” It is the solution that’s so simple, so easy, so obvious and so ingenious you kick yourself for not thinking of it first.

Many of us guys and gals love wearing ball caps. They are effective at blocking the sun, keeping the rain off your face and representing your favorite sports team, military unit, manufacture, political party or whatever else floats your boat. The rub comes when sunglasses are worn with brimmed hats. Unless you are one of those guys who like to keep the bill of your hat flat the curved bill of the hat will interfere with the frames of your glasses which prevents the hat from being pulled lower on your head.

The solutions up till now were to just deal with it, wear your cap higher or wear it backwards. Former US Marine, Paul Cunningham, was not satisfied with the current options. He had one of those simply brilliant ideas we all wish we would have had and the Notch Hat was born.

The Notch hat is simply a hat with a patent-pending notch cut out on each side. The notch is precisely placed to intercept the rim of most wraparound sunglasses, allowing the hat to be pulled down further. The edge of the notch is covered with a soft rubberized insert that will protect and not mar your glasses. The hats come in both a fitted or adjustable material. Mine was of the fitted variety. The hat is fairly low profile, has A-Flex stretch-fit technology with a moisture wicking sweatband and a raised embroidered Notch logo in the left hand corner. They also come in a variety of colors including Kryptex Highlander and Typhon camo patterns.

I found this hat to work very well with my ESS Rollbar ballistic sunglasses as well as my variety of Oakley shades. I like the profile of the hat as well as the flex fit. Over all I am very happy with the hat and find that it does indeed work to get the brim of my hat lower, providing more protection against glare. I did notice when wearing the hat without sunglasses my peripheral vision would pick up on the “empty” notch somewhat, but after a while my eyes seemed to forget about it and it became a non-issue. This hat would be a great fit for any baseball player, military operator, police officer and the average Joe and Jane. The fitted hats can be had for $26 or $27 depending on the color and the adjustable hats cost $23.99. They can be purchased directly from Notch here: