The SOPMOD BRAVO by B5 Systems


Purpose Driven Design – Mike Haytac reviews the B5 Systems SOPMOD BRAVO.

Aftermarket options for carbine stocks are overwhelming, and it’s fair to say some of these options lack quality and useful capabilities. It’s also fair to say that a simplistic, versatile, and straightforward option has the potential to be accepted for years. You’d think there would be more carbine stocks with these features considering a warfighter or serious shooter spends hours, days, and even months interfacing with their platform. After being awarded a US Army contract in 2009, a little known defense and aerospace contractor named B5 Systems created such a stock, and they called it the Enhanced SOPMOD.

SOPMOD stands for Special Operations Peculiar Modification, which is an accessory system developed by US Special Operations Command for the M4A1 Carbine. The system essentially allows personnel to configure their assigned weapon to individual preference and mission requirement.

Within the professional ranks of soldiering, B5’s Enhanced SOPMOD quickly became a well-respected application. Other agencies quickly took notice of its performance and incorporated it into their rifle platforms. The stock was so well received by professional operators, B5 introduced the stock for public consumption around the second half of 2011. Amongst other feedback, some felt the Enhanced SOPMOD was more applicable to Special Purpose Rifles like the MK12. B5 listened, and design engineers along with industry pros began developing the do-all SOPMOD Bravo. On December 10, 2012, the stock made its debut on the Haley Strategic Partners (HSP) Jack carbine, offered by Bravo Company Manufacturing (BCM).

Designers started by removing the storage capabilities; this reduced the overall profile and slimmed weight. Cleaning up the profile even more, all edges and latch components were buffed in an attempt to alleviate possible snag points; this also improves aesthetics. A carry over from the Enhanced SOPMOD is the textured surface. This helps with overall interaction, but especially when the face is sweaty or wet.

A popular concept, but less noticeable, is the anti-slip (removable) butt plate designed with a cant. The cant concept is introduced to help the shooter shoulder the weapon quicker and more consistently. Ultimately, this encourages ideal stock placement; Bore line is centered in line of top clavicle area within the shoulder pocket. Sling mounting options are plentiful.

Users will notice a robust and smartly placed ambidextrous (QD) swivel mount that is anti-rotational with built-in stops. Additionally, two traditional slots are allotted for threading other popular slings.

Finally, a finer point worth mentioning is the ¼” gap left between the aft of the receiver and the stock when fully closed. This detail allows the stock to be fully closed if a QD rear plate and swivel are mounted behind the receiver.

The SOPMOD Bravo is a quality-crafted stock that is simple, versatile and affordability. Considering B5’s military and aerospace engineering and manufacturing expertise, expect them to produce other sought after weapon accessories. The SOPMOD Bravo will appeal to shooters from all backgrounds, and this stock is well worth your hard earned cash.

Five things you need to know about the SOPMOD Bravo and B5 Systems:

  • SOPMOD Bravo street price is $60
  • B5 color matches their hardware
  • SOPMOD Bravo stock weighs 8.2 ounces
  • B5 Systems produces an End Plate (aft of receiver) QD with built in stops that is manufactured from 1117 Steel
  • B5 Systems produces an Enhanced Trigger Guard manufactured from Mil-spec Anodized 6061-T6 Aluminum

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