The Tactical Turtle


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Are you a fan of the “tactical turtle?” No, I am not talking about a particular shooting style; rather I am referring to a new innovative product from The product is actually called the DE-CAP-ATURTLE and was created by Chris Watkins. Chris is active duty military and was looking for a way to provide a little more security for folks as they walk out the door into the great unknown we call life. There is a tendency to forget things in life, however if you forget your keys, you usually won’t make it very far. For this reason, Chris designed the DE-CAP-ATURTLE to attach to your key ring.

Chris states, “The best thing about the DE-CAP-ATURTLE is that it doesn’t look like a weapon and serves a practical purpose. My wife works late at night frequently and her job won’t allow her to carry a firearm. I’ve always worried about her on the way to her car after she gets off work at night. Any weapon inside her purse would take too long to get to. With the DE-CAP-ATURTLE all she has to do is carry her keys in her hand a certain way and she has a game changer in hand. It makes me feel a lot better that I have provided her with protection and I want this feeling of security for all my contributors.”

The DE-CAP-ATURTLE is made from aluminum and cut with a water jet so it is shaped like a turtle, hence its name. The “shell” acts as the frame for opening bottle twist caps while the top of the “head” is used for a thumb hold. The space between the “head” and “front foot” is used for tactically opening your favorite pop top beverage. The “beak” has a wedge ground into it that is the defense end of the DE-CAP-ATURTLE. It is ground similar to the BESH style tip which means it has opposing bevels. This tip is very strong and doesn’t have a cutting tip. It can be ordered with a pointed or blunt tip, depending on your preference. This defensive nature of this tool is useful for penetration, impact and slashing, yet you would be hard pressed to hurt yourself with it just by carrying it in your pocket or purse. Another advantage is the tip can be used to adjust the windage and elevation on many popular red dot optics.

Over all, this is a nifty little gadget that is useful, practical and even tactical. Chris is working on raising enough funds to produce a run of titanium DE-CAP-ATURTLEs as well as increasing the finish options available to the consumer. While I wouldn’t rely on it as your only means to defend yourself, it is a heck of a lot better than nothing. If you can’t avoid, deter or de-escalate a potentially dangerous situation, it’s nice to know you have a little back up on hand. As a bonus, you will never be without a bottle opener and that my friends, is priceless.

The DE-CAP-ATURTLE costs $11 plus shipping or you can have a custom one made for you with dimples and/or polish for $20. If you would like to learn more about his product or contribute please check out and