Time To Get Your FrogLube On!


Jody Lewis travels to Southern California to find out what makes FrogLube such a superior product.

When I first heard of FrogLube a couple of years ago on an Internet forum, it seemed like it was hard to find stuff. I knew I wanted to give it a try because I was sick of my garage smelling like a petroleum factory after every cleaning, but nobody sold it locally. Strolling my local gun show, I found a guy selling an assortment of FrogLube CLP and decided to pull the trigger on a bottle, although at the time I thought it was expensive. Fast-forward two years and I am still using the very same bottle, even though I have shared it with friends who are too cheap to buy their own. What makes FrogLube so superior? To find out I traveled 1500 miles to Southern California near San Diego to hear from the horses’ mouth what FrogLube is all about, because although I loved the smell, I had no ideal what it really was or did for that matter.

It was a Fall Sunday morning when I set out to meet up with FrogLube founder Larry Lasky in a parking lot just about 30-miles east of San Diego. First thing Larry says to me, you better ride with me because that little rental car of yours isn’t going to make it where we’re going. As we made our way up into the hills, Lasky wasted no time telling me story after story about what makes his product the best. Lasky is everything you would expect from a former Navy Seal commander, confident, passionate and to the point. But I didn’t come all this way just hear stories and Larry knew that, he is a put-your-money-where-your-mouth-is or shut up kind of guy.

We arrived at a private range, a secret location in the middle of nowhere, available only to current and former Navy SEALS. Lasky wasted no time going work on the pistol range. He ran me through his regimen, which is comprised of several test guns from old to new and dry to wet. Lasky explains to me that he will often take a gun to the point of failure just to learn from it. Today’s first test gun was a Sig Sauer Mark 25 (also known as a P226 Navy). Between sessions, Lasky tells story after story about what makes the FrogLube Solvent and CLP work so well together. He is nothing short of entertaining and a true believer in his product. “When I first discovered the CLP, I spent countless days and months testing it in every situation possible, Lasky said”. “The first gun I tried FrogLube on was an old crusty 1911 that had been sitting in my safe for years, after applying FrogLube, it came back to life and ran like a champ, Lasky said”.

Lasky shared his humble beginnings of FrogLube. “In the process of testing and using the product myself, I found my fellow SEAL operators at the range began making off with my supply, Lasky said”. “I knew right then that I had to come to market with it.”

You don’t have to be a SEAL to understand these guys are the real deal, and they push their equipment to its fullest capabilities. In the early days of FrogLube, Lasky asked his fellow SEALS who were on the front lines to try it and report back, he quickly learned that these guys loved it and so began the long journey that has brought FrogLube to where it is today. You don’t have to look far to find the many who endorse and use FrogLube, from real world operators like the NAVY SEALS to guys like Chris Costa, who run hundreds of thousands of rounds through their guns each year with FrogLube, to manufactures like Salient Arms and Lantac who include it with their products.

“Salient Arms” author=”Adrian Chavez”]”We don’t advertise it to our customers, but every gun that ships from Salient Arms gets the FrogLube treatment.”

At the point we moved onto the rifle range, Lasky pulled out one of his test AR’s and tells me he hasn’t shot it in over 5 months and that it has been in storage after cleaning it with his solvent and treating it with a little FrogLube CLP. Shooting 100 yards out, Lasky takes a cold bore shot and puts it dead center inside of a 1” square painted on a piece of cardboard. “Our water based solvent removes fouling, metal debris and gunk at a microscopic level and our CLP comes in behind it impregnates the metal to protect it, Lasky said”.

“An M4 has a chamber pressure of 60,000 psi and can reach temperatures in the hundreds of degrees Fahrenheit, why would run motor oil or anything else in it, Lasky said”. He is right on the money, why would you spend thousands on your dream guns and not take steps to protect and more importantly keep them running. There is a lot science that goes on behind the scenes at FrogLube, from testing how different products interact to each other, such as using FrogLube with other solvents. “Our cleaning solvent is designed to work with our CLP, they must be used hand-in-hand, Lasky said. It should be noted that Lasky and FrogLube are not just trying to sell you another product that has no merit. This stuff just works and it is mind blowing.

Most if not all solvents on the market are petroleum based. The problem at hand with petroleum-based products is that they leave behind residue, residue that aids in fouling and accuracy issues. FrogLube’s solvent is water based and leaves behind zero residues. When used together, the minty CLP used in the correct amount which is very slim will not only improve longevity, but accuracy and reliability.

I was sold after an hour with Mr. Lasky and will forever be a FrogLube user, but don’t take my word for it, try it yourself and see how awesome this product really is.

FrogLube makes an assortment of different sizes and applications for its solvent and CLP’s. You can learn more about FrogLube at www.froglube.com where you can search for a dealer near you.

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* Photos in this article are provided by Crossfire Photography.


  1. I’d love to see some actual science as to why this stuff is better. The summary of the points made in this post amount to “I put it on my gun, and the gun still worked and was still accurate! A bunch of Navy SEALs, that know nothing about lubricant science, like it too. See, awesome stuff!”

    I’m not saying it’s bad. It may very well be awesome. But nothing here is actual evidence.

    • During our weekend on the range with the FrogLube team, we had the opportunity to see it work and to experience it first hand.

      We watched closely as the FrogLube solution cleaned extremely dirty gun parts using a slightly heated ultrasonic… it ran for 3-minutes, hands-free. You can literally watch it work! Very impressive. The CLP was impressive as well. It worked best when the surface of the firearms was slightly heated before application.

      FrogLube boasts that their products are bio-based, non-hazardous and environmentally friendly. This is also reflected in the Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS). If you’re looking for more detailed information, consider contacting FrogLube at at 1-855-FROGLUBE or [email protected].

      We’re convinced that FrogLube is good stuff. We hope you’ll try it and let us know how it works for you.

      Thanks again for your comments.

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