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Whether you own one gun or dozens, there's a common theme that comes with taking them to the range: stuff, lots and lots of stuff. Extra magazines, boxes of ammo, paper targets, staplers, markers, cleaning kits, tool kits, first aid supplies, and more.

All that stuff adds up, and you can soon find yourself running out of room in your range bag, or worse yet: you've got a bag that holds everything but can't hold up to everything.

Without a doubt, the range bag market is crowded, making it hard to navigate all of the potential features and benefits. Here are what I consider to be the top 3 range bags on the market today.

G.P.S. Handgunner Backpack

G.P.S. Handgunner Backpack

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This bag from G.P.S. is precisely what it says it is: a range bag designed for handguns that you carry on your back. It sounds super simple - and it is - but it's got a ton of great features.

The coolest aspect of this bag is the gun storage compartment. Utilizing a high-quality foam cradle, it is designed to hold four handguns in a secure yet easily accessible manner. Once you get to the range, unzip it and slide out the cradle to have all four guns at your fingertips. Made of high-density foam precision cut on a CNC machine, it's built to last.

Visual ID pockets allow you to store items you use most frequently, such as eye and ear protection. The numerous other internal and external pockets are perfect for all your boxes of ammo, tools, staplers, and extra magazines. There are specially designated storage spots for 12 magazines. There's even a set of external loops for you to attach a roll of your preferred paper targets easily!

As a bonus, it even comes with a waterproof cover that you can put over the bag in case you're shooting at an outdoor range, and you get stuck in a storm.




Products from 5.11 are known for their quality, and this bag is no exception. Some of the key features are in the name itself. "LBD" stands for "Load Bearing Duffel," and "40L" refers to the 40-liter (or 2,440 cubic inches) of storage space.

Made of durable 1050D nylon with webbing and heavy-duty bar-tacking reinforcements throughout, this is a big bag that is built to do it all. Even though it's a big bag with what may seem like cavernous storage capabilities, it is divided up with logical storage of your essential items, ensuring that you won't lose track of anything you put in it. This is accomplished through an assortment of zippered interior mesh pockets, lashing straps, and compression straps.

This durable duffel is MOLLE compatible for custom storage setups, has name tape holders, and rainfly zipper closures to ensure ultimate protection in less-than-ideal environments.

As a bonus, the bag can be carried by the reinforced top, and side grab handles, on the shoulder with the strap, and even configured to be worn like a backpack.

You may think you've got a ton of stuff to cram in your range bag - and you probably do - but this bag can fit all of it and will leave you with plenty of room for more stuff when you think of it!

Uncle Mike's Side-Armor Range Bag



If you don't have as much stuff and think that the bag from 5.11 is too big for your needs, the Side-Armor bag from Uncle Mike's is a reliable option. It has 1,213 cubic inches (or 19.9 liters) of internal storage space, making it about half the size as the RUSH LBD MIKE.

Made of durable 1680D fabric with a water-resistant coating, this bag features a large main compartment and a smaller, yet still quite roomy, set of side compartments. A roll-up, double zippered flap protects the main compartment, adding another security measure that ensures your bag won't accidentally come unzipped.

The main compartment walls are lined with foam padding, providing an extra layer of protection to the guns and gear you put in there. As a bonus, this bag comes with its own removable, padded pistol rug.

The reinforced web handles can be fastened together for easy carry, or you can sling it with the removable, padded shoulder strap.

Final Wrap-Up

There are hundreds, if not thousands, of range bag configurations on the market. The ones mentioned here are just the very tiny tip of an enormous iceberg. If the bags listed above don't fit your needs, I guarantee there's another option on the market that's similar to these - or completely different, if need be - that will be the perfect solution for you. You may like some of the features from each of these bags, wishing that the ideal combination was out there. Rest assured, with a little sleuthing, that exact bag is sure to be out there.

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