[Triggrcon 2019] LWRC SMG 45 The best .45 SMG we’ve seen to date


Dave gets run of the LWRC booth going over Golden Triggr winner for best firearm, the SMG 45. This SMG is a modern AR influenced update in the sub gun market with this 45 cal offering. Using UMP mags but with AR ergonimics and ambidextrous controls this is a sweet gun. Available as a pistol with brace and soon an SBR, this will be very popular. Not cheap, but those who want it will be happy.

Check them out at LWRCI.com.

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  1. I’m a huge fan of LWRC, and I want one of these. But I seriously wish they’d make it in 10mm instead of .45 ACP, and I’m not willing to pay $3000 for a pistol caliber carbine/SMG/whatever legal fiction.

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