Tyrant Designs CNC Glock 43 & 43x Compensator

Tyrant Glock 43 and 43X T-Comp

Following the success and prestige of its bigger brother, the G43/43x T-Comp is now available! Utilizing the same two piece design, the G43 T-comp installs in seconds with no set screws or loctite. Adding only .850” of an inch in length, the compensator allows for continued concealed carry. Tipping  the scales at almost 10% lighter than its competition the T-Comp houses two individual ports which dramatically reduce muzzle rise & recoil. Lastly, the  Glock 43 compensator is available in three different color options; Black|Black, Black|Gold, Black|Nickel. 

Tyrant Designs G43 T-Comp

“With the amazing success of our Gen3-Gen5 Compensator, we are very pleased to expand our comp lineup with the new G43 T-Comp! Using the same two-piece design the G43 T-Comp outperforms all other competition. We can not wait to get it in customers hands so that they can share the same enthusiasm!”


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  1. Will the smaller glock 43 version still work on gen 3 glock 26? I would prefer the smaller/lighter version if possible.

  2. I believe the 43 & 43x T-Comp’s are just for those models.
    The Glock T-Comp comes in at 1.48oz and the 43 & 43x T-Comp at 1.16oz. Difference of approximately .32oz., just under the weight of 2 Quarters for comparison. Thank you for the comment and visiting G&T.

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