Tyrant Designs Sig Sauer P320 Trigger

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Experience the latest innovations for the Sig Sauer P320 with our aftermarket drop-in Sig P320 trigger! With this trigger at your disposal you will experience a 10% less travel for engagement over the OEM Sig trigger as well as more consistent and accurate groupings. This high performing trigger for the Sig Sauer P320 line is equipped with a two-piece construction of stainless steel and 7000 series aluminum that functions with your OEM internals ( i.e. Fire Control Unit). This combination of robust features allows the Tyrant P320 trigger to offer the ergonomics and aesthetics of a full bodied trigger WITHOUT the added weight, making it a versatile tool with a greater performance over its competitors.

Less Travel from shot to shot

Try a quick fire drill at any time with our Sig Sauer P320 trigger and experience the 10% less travel over OEM! Less travel equals less time between shots and overall a faster more efficient shooting experience. 

Optimize every shot you take with the precision, efficiency, and durability of the Tyrant P320 trigger.

Flat Faced Trigger Features

Get the most out of your Tyrant made Sig Sauer P320 trigger with this flat face model. The Tyrant Designs CNC P320 trigger offers a flat face with an aggressive curve at the bottom, offering a consistent finger placement for the operator. Perform consistent and reliable groupings with each shot when using our version of the Sig trigger. 

High Durability

Enjoy your Tyrant Designs CNC Sig Sauer P320 trigger for years to come with help from its highly durable design. Every feature of this product is built to ensure that it lasts for an extended period of time, even with continued use. With its two-piece steel/aluminum construction you can enjoy the reliability and strength for years to come, especially with our lifetime factory warranty*. 

  • Steel and aluminum construction.
  • 10% less travel for engagement.
  • Functions with stock internals.

Learn more at www.TyrantDesigns.com

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