Valentine’s Gifts Under $ 100 for Handguns


Valentine's Day is fast approaching, why not get them what they want without fear of breaking the budget. Maybe you have a particular item in mind, or you are just going punch a few of those items from your own want list. Here are some great options under $100 for the handgun shooters amongst us.




The most popular handguns are pistols. They are semi-auto, narrower than revolvers, and capable of holding a higher capacity. There are many solid reasons why they are so popular. Magazines are a must-have for your handgun. Most come with only two, but it's good practice to change them out regularly to keep the magazine spring from over wear. If you shoot competitively, then having 4 or 5 reliable mags is also a must. They can be broken, bent, or even lost in the process of shooting a competition. Having spares is just a great idea. The cost is dependent upon the gun itself. However, Glock, being the most popular name brand, can run anywhere from $12.99 for MagPul mags and $24.99 for Glock mags. is an excellent location for your magazine needs. They have them all and for a great price. Whether it's a Glock, Smith and Wesson, Springfield, or your favorite 1911, you can find it there. No matter the name brand, a single mag can be well under $100. Usually, you can find deals on multi-packs.

For traditionalists who like 1911's or revolvers, changing the grips is a great way to personalize your favorite handgun. Sometimes you can also upgrade the performance by changing the grip. If it can have a grip replaced, then chances are Hogue makes them. My personal favorite is their Monogrips for revolvers. They use a synthetic rubber that gives a solid grip while not being too tacky to the touch. They will last a lifetime, and the cushion built into the grip help mitigate recoil. Since I just purchased a .44 Remington Magnum, I look for something to give me a solid grip and reduce recoil. Whether you like wood, rubber, or nylon, chances are Hogue has it. There are other companies, but either way, it's an easy upgrade and way to customize your gun without having to visit the gunsmith. The Monogrip runs for $21.56 and, unless you want a laser grip, the rest will be under $100.

Sights are the next likely part to be replaced on a handgun. Unlike the grips, all handguns can have the sights replaced. With some low-level skills, the end-user can affect this change. However, I caution those who've never done it to visit an experienced gunsmith. I love Trijicon sights because they are built to last. They offer several options, and offers the GL04 front and rear set for Glocks starting at $63.99. Night sights give you the ability to use your favorite handgun in low light situations, like checking your house when you hear a bump in the night. I like different colors for front and rear. The front sight should be green, since it's the highest in the color spectrum, making it brightest, and the rear can be either yellow or red. I like more contrast and practice front sight focus religiously, so I choose red for the rear. If you are shooting in daylight, then a hi-viz fiber optic sight like these by Trijicon would be an excellent option. There are sights over $100, but for a solid set that will last a long time, you don't have to break that $100 mark. Do some shopping and see what works for you.




Holsters can vary as much as the person. What they carry, how they dress, where they carry, can all be deciding factors. There is a multitude of manufacturers and online dealers out there for you to choose from. I'm a fan of leather and Galco is one of the leading leather holsters manufacturers in the market.

A great example would be the Galco Summer Comfort Inside the Pant Holster. Reliable and simply built, I've used this holster in the past for a Kahr P9 and loved it. Very comfortable and easy on and off. No matter your gun or desired way to carry, most holsters will not run over $100. What's nice about a holster is that it is returnable. So, get what you like, try it out and if you don't like it, return it and try a new one.


When it comes to handgun accessories, there are a ton of options under $100, but these are must-have for any new gun. I mentioned earlier that I just purchased a .44 and am already looking at holsters and grips. They don't cost a lot, are needed, and are an easy way to make a stock gun feel more like a part of my firearm family.

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