Valkyrie Combat Offers Battle-Savvy Weapon Customization


Valkyrie Combat offers battle-savvy weapon customization and training to real-world operators in the tactical community. Their firearm and knife custom work includes stippling, machining and Cerakote, and their partnership with Progressive F.O.R.C.E. Concepts offers 17 years of tactical training service to government and corporate clients.

Operators in the field – whether it be the sandbox or the streets at home – often come across challenges that designers and manufacturers haven’t considered when creating the tools that a tactical user takes to work every day. In response to this, we have seen a growth in businesses that provide customizing services and focus their products on real-world demands for their specialist clients. While at this year’s SHOT Show, we caught up with Valkyrie Combat and had the opportunity to check out some of their combat-ready customs.

Valkyrie Combat is located in Las Vegas, Nevada and offers weapon customization services including stippling, machining and Cerakote finishing on nearly any weapon that can be sent in for work. CEO Greg Wohler and his team are able to apply designs submitted by the client or can apply in-house patterns and modifications to both the aesthetic and functional aspects of the firearm. Years of experience in the firearms and tactical industry as well as feedback from boots on the ground have led to what Greg refers to as the “definitive combat handgun” which has been designed around the Glock platform. This configuration is offered on the Valkyrie Combat website as the “Valkyrie Package” and provides the option for a client to send in their personal Glock pistol to be worked on or to purchase a pistol with the package directly from Valkyrie Combat.

Some of the key modifications included in the package are:

  • For-To-Aft Racking Serrations on the slide to provide for a significantly more secure grasp of the slide when wearing gloves, when used in mud or water and in other extreme situations.
  • Press-Check Groves which provide for easier finger placement when performing a press-check on the pistol to see if a round is chambered.
  • Grip Stippling is offered in three versions: Grit – fine, smooth pattern ideal for concealed carry, DragonScale – most abrasive pattern for maximum retention, and Dimple – a mid-range texture.
  • Magwell Crescent creates more access to the magazine baseplate for removing the magazine in the event of malfunction such as a feeding issue.
  • Arrowhead Cut allows a user more effective and reliable use of the magazine release without having to add an extended release button.
  • Trigger Undercut removes material at the base of the trigger guard that can affect the grip and control of the pistol and has a tendency to chafe the shooter’s middle finger with extended use.
  • Cerakote Coating provides a durable finish and can be applied in a wide variety of colors for both lowering of visibility as well as aesthetic appeal.
  • Rounded Trigger Guard offers the only other aesthetically-inspired modification other than the Cerakote coating and also eliminates the curved and textured front of the guard that may encourage more inexperienced shooters to wrap the finger of the support hand around the front of the guard.

This package truly turns any off-the-shelf Glock into a battle-ready combat pistol and is a testament to the care with which Greg and his team listen to the needs of their end users. As a token of their support for those in service, Valkyrie Combat donated a completed Valkyrie Package Glock to the 2014 Warriors Appreciation Night held during this year’s SHOT Show. This pistol, finished in the Valhalla Camo pattern consisting of Olive Drab Green, Graphite Black and Flat Dark Earth colors, was listed in the charity auction to support wounded veterans which raised a record $120,000+ for service members and their families in need.

In addition to weapon customizing, Valkyrie Combat is partnered with Progressive F.O.R.C.E. Concepts to provide combat-proven training with extensive experience in government and corporate programs, as well as Artificum Solis which offers high-quality custom knives that satisfy mission-specific needs.


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