‘Very Important We Keep Our Ammunition Ready’ Says The Who’s Pete Townshend


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RollingStone.com recently published an interview with The Who’s Pete Townshend. A couple of questions caught my attention.

You’re also playing “Slip Kid” again, which sounds amazing.

It’s one of those songs I thought I would hate playing because it’s tricky, but I’ve been really enjoying it. It feels very new. You could put it into the voice of some young Islamic student who decides to go fight in Syria and ends up in ISIS being forced to chop people’s heads off, and it would fit.

While we’re on the subject, when you look at ISIS and Boko Haram — and even what Putin has been up to, to some extent — do you worry about the state of the planet?

Not as long as we remember. [Laughs] You know, I am not going to get fucking accused of being a neocon by Arianna Huffington again, that dimwitted woman. [Editor’s note: Huffington herself didn’t call Townshend a “neocon”; he was described as that in a 2012 piece on the Huffington Post.] But I do think it’s very important that we keep our ammunition ready. I do feel there is nothing to worry about as long as we’re willing to protect ourselves.

Had America not interceded in World War II, Germany would have taken over the whole of Europe. I think the most important thing is that we remember that. But also remember that we don’t need to act until this shit comes to our door. When that happens, whether it comes to our door in a Charlie Hebdo scenario or in a 9/11 scenario, we need to keep calm and to honor our own sense of values and justice and law and the way that we want to live.

The full interview is here.

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