Vortex Offers New Razor HD LHT Scopes


New to the Vortex Razor family of scopes is a replacement for the now-retired Razor LH (Light Hunter) line. The new 3-15 power Razor HD LHT scopes offer the excellent glass the Razor scopes are known for in an attractive magnification range, turrets with zero stop, lightweight, and choice of illuminated reticles. These new scopes appear to be directly focused on what many in the hunting community have been asking for.

Many hunters are starting to look for a more modern take for a hunting rifle scope, one that takes input and cues from the precision rifle shooting community. Hunters are now becoming more challenged with various predator and hog hunting as well as traditional large game. While distance shooting is largely based on the ballistic capability to make ethical shots, being able to clearly see your target and make accurate hits is always easier with a quality optic. Hunters and precision rifle or long-range target shooters share the wants of quality, clarity, and dependability with their scopes. However, the weight, magnification range, turret type, and reticle can be different based on use.

The new scopes will be available in three models; all share the same 3-15 magnification range, second focal plane, and length, 30mm main tube diameter, and locking/capped turret with RevStop (TM) Zero System. Where they differ is two models will have a 42mm objective and offer the choice of either an HSR-5i illuminated reticle in either MOA or MRAD markings with matching turret adjustments. The last model will feature a larger 50mm objective lens with a G4i BDC illuminated MRAD marked reticle.

Street Price will be:
RZR-31501 3-15×42 MOA $999.99
RZR-31502 3-15×42 MRAD $999.99
RZR-31503 3-15×50 G4i MRAD $1049.99

Availability varies by model but ranges from 2-4 weeks out to 3-4 months. For more information, check out vortexoptics.com or see your favorite dealer.

Available now for order at EuroOptic.com.


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