Vudoo Gun Works V22 Review

The Vudoo Gun Works V22 - Ultimate Precision Rimfire Rifle


One of the cool parts of my job is getting to see and shoot a lot of great firearms and related gear. While I genuinely enjoy it all, I have to say shooting this rifle, set up with the Trijicon 4.5-30 Tenmile scope, has brought me more enjoyment than I expected.

Everyone loves shooting .22’s, it’s probably what most of us started with, but this is no ordinary 22 rifle. The V22 was built from the ground up to be a precision rimfire rifle. This rifle was, without a doubt, the nicest rimfire I have shot, and that includes owning or competing with Sako’s, Anschutz, Remington 540, CZ, and others.

If you have 5 minutes, yes, a bathroom break, sneak your phone away five minutes, check out this video.

If you want to dive into this platform and learn more about what I loved, how it shot, the set up, the fantastic shooter community around the Vudoo, then this is the video for you.

Hopefully, you have watched one or both and can see that the level of precision put into their products make Vudoo the leader of the precision rimfire. Since the video was shot and match completed, I have been networking online with various rimfire shooters as my local club is adding rimfire matches. A constant rifle among the winner’s circle at big rimfire matches is the Vudoo V22. They are the real deal, but they should be as they are not entry-level in performance or price.

Once you’ve decided that you want the high-end rimfire rifle for you, it can start with either purchasing a barreled action in either left or right hand for $1770. You can then add your choice of trigger, chassis, or stock/bottom metal. They also offer complete builds giving you a choice of barrel profile, stocks, and popular chassis options. Pricing starts at $2395 and can go up depending on options.

Don’t forget when you are investing in a serious rimfire rig, and there will also be other expenses. You want to be able to see your target to take advantage of the rifle’s accuracy. A quality scope is never a poor investment. Many serious rimfire competitors are using top tier glass on their rimfire rigs as they appreciate the clarity and resolution high-end optics provide to be able to see tiny targets up close and at a distance. Look for a scope that has a low parallax distance. The Trijicon Tenmile 4.5-30 FFP I used was nearly a perfect scope for this rifle as it could adjust parallax down to 20 yards, had great color and clarity, and a wide zoom range.

Last, extra magazines, a quality cleaning rod, and bore guide, maybe a bipod, as well as good ammunition, will round out your purchase to give you a rifle that is capable of winning any match…so long as you do your part.

While the rifle was given to me for a long term evaluation to do my review, I can tell you it’s not making it’s way back 🙂 There may be many like it, but I am saying this one is mine! (Yes I have to buy it)

For more information, full specifications and to purchase: Vudoo Gun Works

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