What to expect on this new season of TOP SHOT “All-Stars”


Gabby Franco Blogs About Top Shot “All-Stars” on Guns & Tactics

When I was called to participate in Top Shot, I didn’t know the format of the competition or who was going to be there, but I accepted the challenge. I wanted to compete and give it a shot one more time. I arrived in L.A. after a long flight from Miami, then one of the producers drove me to the Hotel where I was supposed to meet everyone. That’s when I knew the caliber of competitors I would be competing against; shooters like Brian Zins who is an 11-time National Champion or Blake Miguez who is a World Champion in IPSC made me think –”Wow! This competition is definitely no joke”– then I saw the rest of the competitors: Chris Cerino, Chee Kwan, William Bethards, Kelly Bachand, Jamie Franks, Joe Serafini, Kyle Sumpter, Phil Morden, Peter Palma, Gregory Littlejohn, Adam Benson and Alex Charvat, all great shooters. And then I realized that I was the only woman selected to be in this season because I was the only woman to make it to the green shirts.

This first episode will be intense, at least that is what I felt, a lot of explosions and difficult obstacles from the beginning to the end of the challenge. I guess for me this episode is very exciting because it was the day we were told the new rules of the competition and that we were going to compete individually. “I better shoot good or I am gone”, I thought. So get ready! Top Shot “All-Stars” are going to bring more shooting and more competition, no drama and more friendship within shooters (no bandanas this time)!

I’ll be posting each week here about the show, so please post any questions or comments you would like me to answer.