What’s in your pockets?


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Most days when I leave the house, I’m carrying these items at a minimum. In fact, I often carry a second knife, too!

The FKMD – FOX Knives Military Division Folding Karambit knife is 8.5″ overall. It boasts a 3.2″ Teflon coated N690Co cobalt vanadium stainless blade with a satin finish and textured G10 handle scales with an integrated finger hole that works very well with both the index and pinky fingers. The Karambit is a pocket defense tool with a functional, elegant style from a respected manufacturer.

The Embassy Pen features a machined deep knurled grip engineered for non-slip use. The built in 301 grade stainless steel clip provides a secure fit in your front shirt pocket or in your EDC bag. A black medium SPR4 pressurized Fisher Space Pen refill, good from -30F to +250F is included when you purchase the pen.

The 5.11 Tactical is an extremely versatile, lightweight, high output pen like design. Utilizing 2 AAA batteries, producing 69 lumens with 3 hours of run time, it’s the perfect flashlight for admin tasks throughout a shift.

The Ares Gear Ranger Belt is tough enough for extended use in a field environment, and classy enough for khakis when you’re doing plainclothes work. 1″ colored webbing stitched to double layers of 1.5″ black scuba webbing longitudinally, with a Cobra QR buckle.

My Tactical Tailor business business card billfold was a gift which I do not see on the website, but i like it a lot and use it daily.

What are you carrying? Post your comments!

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  1. The Fox Karambit is a great knife. Designed by one of the best Karambit makers, Rich Derespina. Check Derespina knives for some awesome Karambits.

    A couple of words of caution on carrying a Karambit.
    The use of a Karambit is not the same as a straight blade, and if you plan to use it to defend your life, you need to train to use it.
    Under stress, the instinct is to stab and swing, not the most effective use of a Katambit, With good training, the Karambit is a fantastic self defense weapon.
    Second, while Karambits were utility blades in Malay and Indonesian culture, your local law enforcement will not see them the same, they will see them only as a weapon.

    If you carry a Karambit, you should carry another knife to cut things. With the curved blade, Karambits are a little harder to sharpen, and you always want it sharp. I carry a simple Gerber EAB to cut things.

    An alternative to the Fox blade is the 5.11 Karambit. The advantage of this knife is the blade is 2.5 inches, the max size you can carry on federal installations -parks, post office, museums, courthouses.

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