When gun laws get crazy


Did you hear the story of New Jersey security guard who was pulled over for tinted windows?  When he was handing over his ID, Roosevelt Twyne, a 25 year old black male, mentioned that he was carrying his firearm, and he had a permit to do so.  In my opinion and the opinion of many others, this is the proper way to identify yourself when carrying and you are involved with an officer.  Then, he was promptly arrested.  What?  Yes, you heard it right, he was arrested.  

Lots of thoughts go through your mind.  Is it because he’s African-American?  Is it because the laws are so complicated the officer didn’t fully understand?  There must be more to the story.  Maybe Roosevelt didn’t comply, maybe the officer felt threatened?  

Here is the response from Roselle Park Police Department
“Mr. Twyne was charged after it was determined that he was not in compliance with the specifications of the law pertaining to the lawful transportation of his firearm.  These charges were approved by the Union county Prosecutor’s Office.”

His attorney says “we hear so much about victims of gun violence but you never hear about victims of gun laws”  (when the laws are so convoluted or so messed up that people are hurt in the process).  He’s extremely confident saying Roosevelt is innocent and didn’t break any laws.  

Forget whether we believe this arrest is constitutional or just, I want you to think about this for a second.  Roosevelt did everything he was asked to do by his local government in order to purchase the firearm and also to carry his firearm.  He qualified by getting a 98%, and is one of 800 NJ residents with a carry permit.  With close to 9M residents in NJ, you should get a gold star if you jumped through that many hoops to comply.  He also complied during his stop.  So to recap, he had the permit to purchase, and to carry, and even had the legal ammo.  

He’s suspended from his job until this is settled. 

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