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[dcs_fancy_header color=”#000000″ fweight=”bold”]Learn handgun safety and experience shooting in this special class geared just for ladies in the “Women’s Basic Handgun Safety & Responsibility” class from InSights Training Center.[/dcs_fancy_header]

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Bellevue, WA – InSights Training Center has announced that it will present its Women’s Basic Handgun Safety & Responsibility class on May 19, 2013 in Bellevue, Washington at West Coast Armory & Indoor Range.

Join the thousands of students who have received a safe and responsible introduction to firearms training from Women’s Basic Handgun Safety & Responsibility class from InSights Training Center. This hands-on gun safety class offers a blend of shooting on a live-fire range coupled with interesting, easy to understand classroom presentations, conducted in a fun and supportive environment.

In this class you will learn to handle handguns safely, load and unload them properly, shoot accurately, understand the laws concerning their use and ownership, and make a more informed decision as to whether you want to own a firearm.

Basic Handgun Safety & Responsibility should be considered a minimum for anyone who owns a firearm or lives in a household that has firearms. Teenagers are welcome if attending with an adult.

The cost of the Women’s Basic Handgun Safety & Responsibility class is $225. Students may register at http://insightstraining.com/view_course.asp?courseID=236.

About InSights Training Center

InSights Training Center has been teaching quality, fast-paced, informative courses around the country since 1990. We offer the most complete self-defense, firearms, and tactical training available to the Private Sector, Law Enforcement, and Military organizations. We have taught more than 10,000 students— private citizens, Law Enforcement officers and instructors, SWAT teams, corrections personnel, security officers, and Military Special Operations personnel.

Our professional instructors come from highly specialized and thorough backgrounds in Law Enforcement, Military Special Operations, and the Private Sector. They have all received extensive instructor development training from our own master trainer, Greg Hamilton, in addition to high level training from numerous national academies. Learn more about self defense training at www.InSightsTraining.com

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