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Introducing the World’s First Precision Guided Firearm!

By now, a lot of shooters have either heard about or seen the TrackingPoint rifle in action. A precision shooting system that allows anyone the ability to make first round hits out to 1200 yards.

The technology behind the system is pretty incredible. It doesn’t work like a normal rifle, but then again, it isn’t a normal rifle. And although its created quite a stir (and of course caused some politicians to call for bans), many shooters aren’t impressed. They cry about the absence of “sport” in a hunting application, or the lack of skill needed to operate it.

Here’s the deal. If you can afford a $17k+ hunting rifle, you aren’t all that good of a shot, and you want to haul this thing through the mountains, I’d rather you use this than put a round through an elk’s hind quarter. While working with an outfitter for ten years, I honestly can’t tell you how many times I saw bad shots placed on deer in easy situations. Many of them were never found.

But in all seriousness, how can you not be amazed at the system? Its not a rifle as much as it is an F16. So there can’t be anyway its going to be entered into any shooting competitions, but so what? Is there a more ultimate toy than a laser guided gun? Seems not. The company says despite its detractors, demand is through the roof.

To learn more visit http://tracking-point.com.


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