[News] XTech Tactical releases the Gun Handler, a gun rest, stand, and more!


**Press Release**

XTech Tactical, a Mesa, AZ based firearms accessory manufacturer announces the immediate release of the Gun Handler. The Gun Handler is a unique compact multi-purpose unit that is a great rifle rest and stand amongst other uses.

The Gun Handler is 100% Made in America and uses a high friction rubber and an internal steel weight to offer a solid grip on a table, bench, or any other surface. It easily fits into an ammo can or range bag. Additionally, the Gun Handler fits perfectly into the handle of the Flambeau Compact Ammo Can (Model #6451SB) creating an instant rifle rest.

Whether you are looking to protect your long guns, a compact rifle rest, or an extra hand when cleaning, the Gun Handler is an excellent addition for any enthusiast. MSRP is $18.95 and the combo on www.xtechtactical.com with the Flambeau ammo can is only $24.95.

For more information visit www.xtechtactical.com or check out this video:

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