Designed by a Southern California LEO, the ZT212 Tactical Belt Clip system by 212Tactical Designs is a truly innovative and superior way to attach or detach any thigh rig, pouch or bag to your existing belt system.

Before distributing the product to market the inventor handed out the clips to co-workers for experimental use. Although open for criticism, the original samples that were given are still being used by the same officers today with no requests for modifications. After over twelve years of successful trial use of the ZT212 and only limited changes to other existing drop-leg extension units available on the market, a patent was filed and 212Tactical Designs was formed with Zak Tool as their manufacturer.

Nearly all other manufacturers on the market with a quick detach or drop leg extending unit use some sort of 2” Fastex buckle system. A few have now incorporated a wider rounded slot in the nylon strap attachment area to accommodate for better comfort when moving. Other manufactures are now utilizing a two strap attachment with stretch fabric and two pivot points. Although these variations allow for better movement, they are far from comfortable. An added problem is during critical incidents, where during emergency situations, the user is required to stop and look down at the buckle while using two hands to attach their gear. As too many of us know from first hand experience, these plastic or nylon buckles do not stand up to the harsh use and often fail when we need them the most. Another drawback to all these versions is in law enforcement use where the amount of real estate the 2” or two strap systems occupy on the already loaded duty belt are causing many end users to ditch their thigh rigs and drop pouches for other mounting locations.

The all metal, made in the USA ZT212 belt clip system consists of a stainless steel 200lb+ rated “key hook” (ZT55) which is ½” wide, and the stainless steel ZT212 buckle. This system allows for a quick, one-handed, no look way to attach your gear to your belt. Users can now be heads up and moving while attaching their gear securely. Once attached, the ZT212 creates a pivot point right at the hip allowing movement in every direction as well as folding back onto itself making squatting positions more comfortable with NO pull on the primary belt from any position. Another innovation is the user now has the ability to attach multiple items to the ZT55 key hook. During a deployment the user can attach their ZT212 equipped gear directly over the top of keys or other drop gear. A single ZT55 can easily accommodate a ring of keys in addition to several other pieces of ZT212 equipped drop gear (i.e. ammo pouch and gas mask or med pouch simultaneously).

In a quick deployment scenario i.e. active shooter scenario, the ability to respond quickly without having to stop and the added ability to attach multiple pieces of necessary equipment can make huge improvements in the final outcome. As recent events have shown, users may find themselves in a situation where there is an active shooter and gas deployment at the same time. 212Tactical Designs is proud to have Zak Tool manufacture the ZT212 due to their no questions asked lifetime warranty.

Learn more about the ZT212 Tactical Clip or to make a purchase, go to ZAK Tool.


  1. I use this product on both my tactical belt and duty belt.

    -Frees up more room on your belt compared with the much widely used “male / female” attachment.

    -Quickly attach on and detach off, using only one hand.

    -Allows the user to clip on additional gear (medical pouch, gas mask, etc.) if needed.

    This is a great product. I highly recommend it.

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