The QA for December 2021


We are back for the end of the month’s QA Episode. This is our show where your questions are answered and of course we giveaway a prize thanks to Lucky Shot!

Thanks for watching!

0:00 Start, Duh

2:29 #1 Traveling with Firearms and Ammunition

7:15 #2 Light for Rifle

8:36 #3 Receiver Bolt Assembly Change

9:43 #4 Gas Block’s

11:44 #5 Scope Rings from Tract Optics Video

13:04 Lucky Shot Sponsor Thank You

13:52 #6 New AR Owner Checklist

14:39 #6.2 New AR Owner Mount and Zero Sights or Have a Pro Do It

15:16 #6.3 Gunfire Locate 

16:03 #6.4 Conceal Carry Draw When Opposed 

17:06 #6.5 Prone Position Possibilities 

18:30 #6.6 Torque Angle

19:40 #6.7 Laser Bore Sighter

21:03 #7 Walther PPQ Holster & Red Dot

21:50 #8 Open Sights on Handgun with Red Dot

23:20 #9 UTV Switch Pro Bracket 

23:47 #9.2 UTV Rear Chase Bar

25:23 #10 Ammo Selection For Your New Build

26:35 End of Questions / List of Rules

27:21 Winner Announcement

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