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June 8, 2017 19 days ago

Newest Aircraft Carrier Delivered to US Navy

Nearly 8 years after the keel was laid, the USS Gerald R Ford was delivered to the US Navy on May 31st, 2017. The supercarrier is the first of the Gerald R Ford-class aircraft carriers. Read more
June 6, 2017 21 days ago

The QA: June 2017

For this QA, we answer your questions on Piston vs. Direct Impingement ARs, Carry Ammo, Ongoing Training for the Permit to Carry Holder, Rifle Setup, and More! Read more
June 4, 2017 23 days ago


Close Quarters Battle is a bad but often necessary situation during any urban battlefield situation. Survival skills are often more than point and shoot. Read more
June 1, 2017 26 days ago

Blue Force Gear: Micro Trauma Kit Now!

It’s no secret that individual first aid kits (IFAKs) are all the rage right now. New for 2017 is the Micro Trauma Kit Now!, or Micro TKN! from Blue Force Gear. Read more
June 1, 2017 26 days ago

The Briefing Room: AK Elite Trigger Installation

In this video we go over the installation of the AK Elite Trigger from CMC Triggers. This trigger is amazing and a very noticeable upgrade to your AK. However, installation of the trigger isn’t quite as easy as an AR so we made this video to help out. Read more
May 29, 2017 29 days ago

Memorial Day

Remembering those who gave the ultimate sacrifice. Thank you! You will never be forgotten! Read more
May 29, 2017 29 days ago

Memorial Day History

The facts about Memorial Day, from its early history to today’s traditions. Read more


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April 23, 20172 months ago


The NRA recently published a 1-minute video talking about how if states can criminalize one Constitutional freedom, they can criminalize all of them. Read more
April 11, 20172 months ago

TYRANT DESIGNS CNC MiniVert Grip Official Launch

Tyrant Designs CNC has just announced their release of the new HALO Series MiniVert, a vertical forward grip. Read more
April 3, 20172 months ago

Real Men Wear Kilts - 5.11 Tactical Kilt

Once an April Fool’s joke, the 5.11 Tactical Kilt is here. No joking. Read more
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Tags: firearms, training
March 24, 20173 months ago


A Girl & A Gun recently published an article that asks an important question: How Do You Know If You’re Getting Good Training? Read more
March 14, 20173 months ago

2017 3-Gun University Features Star-Studded List of Instructors

A highlight of the 2017 A Girl & A Gun (AG & AG) 3-Gun University is the star-studded lineup of “professors” that will be instructing students on the rules and strategies of 3 gun. 3-Gun University takes place March 17-19, 2017, at the CMP Marksmanship Park in Talladega, Alabama. Read more
March 11, 20173 months ago

FightLite® Industries Announces Canada Exclusivity for Wolverine Supplies

FightLite® Industries, the small arms division of ARES Defense Systems® Inc. is pleased to announce that ARES® has awarded Wolverine Supplies of Manitoba, Canada with Exclusive Representation and Distribution rights for all ARES® Defense and FightLite® Industries products throughout the entire Canada Territory. Read more
March 9, 20173 months ago

Illinois State Senator Introduces Bill to Violate Gunowner's Due Process

This bill sets the stage for any judge or court in Illinois to take away any gunowner’s right to bear arms based on the testimony of any family member or law enforcement officer. No real proof is required. Read more

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